Hey there, new reader. Andrew here. I’m the writer and artist of Doctorcops! Not to be confused with Doctorcops M.D. to which Walter Reid is the writer and artist, but we’ll get to that later.

Doctorcops can be pretty confusing, mostly because its overwhelming stupidity has been known to confound the average man (A condition known as DumBrain). This page here exists to make things easier for you. Of course, the best way to catch on quick and understand everything is to simply take your time and start from page 1. But if you are too antsy for that than I suppose you could start from the beginning of any episode of which there is:

Episode One: Pilot Cops M.D.: The Exciting Sexy Adventures of Detective Doctor Dick Dynamite

Episode Two: Dick Dynamite Vs. Victor Steam: Who is the fastest and the furiousest?

Episode Three: The Secret Origin of Solomon Slick: Battle Clinic. (A.k.a. the DareDoctor Episode, but we don’t like to talk about that.) (A.k.a. one of two episodes ever actually given one of these ridiculous colon addled titles and not just something I made up right now on the spot.)

Episode Four: The Murderraper Returns: Dick Danger Dynamite: Loose Cannon (Let’s face it, that was obviously always going to be his middle name.)

Episode Five: Breakout on Space Jail: Redemption (The other episode that was actually given this title.)

Episode Six: Boning the DEAD: Misses Solomon Slick.

Episode Seven: Pepper: The Reality Show Spy: The Kardashian Face/Off!


Use the TiVo commands at the bottom of the page to save your progress as you catch up to current issues.


Doctorcops is a silly little comic about aspiring writer, Walter Reid, and super producer, Max King, and the process of putting together an awful television show: Doctorcops M.D.  Rarely do you, the reader, see Max and Walter. The pages of the comic are Walters “scripts” that he sends to Max for critique. Without Walter and Max, Doctorcops would just be a terribly written pop culture fan fiction comic. Ok maybe it still is a little. It is important that you don’t miss Walter and Max’s ongoing dialogue- which can be found at the bottom of every page in the Transcript.


Furthermore- This comic is all about references. References to shitty awful things that you should never watch- like Grey’s Anatomy. And some shitty awful things that you should watch whenever you get the chance- Like Nicolas Cage movies. If something happens in the comic that is odd or out of place- it’s probably directly parodying something that you have had the good fortune of not seeing before. Whats the solution? Watch every Nicolas Cage movie ever made. You’re welcome.

The Art! What is up with it, seriously? Well. I am an artist. I make the arts. I draw. I paint. I do all manner of artsy thingamajigs. Walter does not. Walter, as a person, sucks. He is bad at things. So when I initially made the comic, I wanted to adequately illustrate which celebrity I was making fun of, but through Walters adoring eyes. So my solution was tracing over shots of celebrities and coloring them in. As a result, The quality of the arts has greatly fluctuated over the course of the comic, and I have managed to do a lot of work while setting out to not do a lot of work while also having nothing really to show for all my work (artistically speaking). But hey at least it does the job I wanted it to do!

Anyway! Welcome, new reader, and enjoy Doctorcops! It’s what I do. Its who I am!